Chihuahua Weight Predictions
By Christy Kelley (Chihuahua) and Unknown (weight Chart)

Here are some techinques to help get an estimated adult size for a Chihuahua & Schnauzers. These weights will very depending on different breeding programs. This chart is only an idea of what your puppy may weight full grown. Weight can vary some from week to week. (Other factors to consider: puppy structure, parents size, genetics, food consumption, Grand Parents, etc…)

*Another way one can estimate an adults size in the Chihuahua bred is weight the puppy at 4 weeks double it and add 1/2 lb.

Schnauzer Puppy Weight Predictions
By Christy Kelley & Mrs. Diane Beebe

Unfortunatly, to date I have found no information in stone on how to predict weight of a schnauzer puppy. With the help of a long time Schnauzer breeder we have devised this as a approximation for the Toy & Miniature Schnauzer weight:

If your puppy's weight at 5 weeks of age is:

From 2 to 3 lbs. ~ Toy Range ~ (Under 10 lbs.)
From 3 to 3 1/2 lbs ~ Miniature ~ (Between 10 to 12 lbs.)
Above 3 1/2 lbs ~ Larger Miniature ~ (Between 12 to 18 lbs.)

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